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Summer Tires and Performance Tires in Waverley, NS

 Summer tires can be the difference between an OK summer road trip and a great one. If you love driving and want to get the best out of your vehicle in the summer months, switching to summer tires when it’s hot out is a good idea. But just what makes summer tires high performing?

If you’ve been searching, “Summer tire sale Nova Scotia”, “Are all summer tires high-performance?”, “Summer tires for sale Waverley”, or something similar, we can help. At NS Diesel & Automotive, we have a wide range  and brands of tires for sale. This article explains how summer tires work.

Summer Tires and Performance Tires

“Are there high-performance summer tires near me in Waverley, Nova Scotia?”

There are! You can buy high-performance summer tires for sale near you at NS Diesel & Automotive shop in Dartmouth, NS. We pride ourselves on having a large array of different tires for sale so all our clients can get the tires they want. But how do you know if summer tires are right for your vehicle and driving preferences?

How summer tires work

Summer roads get hot. So hot in fact, that tires can lose their efficacy when driving on them. Summer tires are designed to handle hot and dry asphalt. They provide more agility and speed and they allow for improved braking and cornering efficiency.

Summer tires are made with special rubber compounds. They have special tread patterns and tread designs. With these compounds and reduced grooving, summer tires can apply more rubber to the surface of roads at any given point in their rotation. This maximizes the road-holding grip of the tire.

Summer tires also have shallower tread depths to provide added flexibility and stability. Other tires can lose their grip on hot, dry roads, but summer tires maintain their grip even on the hottest of July afternoons.

The advantages of summer tires

Summer tires can help maximize fuel efficiency in summer. Drivers who want high performance, frequently choose summer tires. It’s important to contrast summer tires with snow tires. In winter, it’s crucial to have winter tires or all-weather tires on your vehicle for safety reasons. Summer tires are less about safety and more about preference.

For example, all-season tires are fine for summer driving. There might be some small safety benefits to summer tires, but it’s more about how they feel. If you’re somebody who enjoys the act of driving, high performance summer tires are a great choice.

Not all summer tires are the same though, so it’s vital to buy tires that comply with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended size, speed rating, and load capacity. The tire experts NS Diesel can help. We can recommend which summer tires are best for your vehicle and your driving style.

 Buy summer tires at NS Diesel & Automotive

If you’re in the Waverley area of Nova Scotia, there’s no need to keep searching for high-performance summer tires near you. Just come to NS Diesel & Automotive. We have many different models and brands of summer tires for sale.

To book an appointment to have summer tires installed on your vehicle at our Waverley shop, please click here. To learn more about summer tires, or our other services and products, please contact us via our website, or call us at 902-446-0449

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