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Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI)

Digital Car Inspections in Cole Harbour, NS

We’re living in the digital age. Many parts of our daily lives are now computerized. This includes our vehicles, so it’s only reasonable that automotive service should be computerized, too.

If you’re interested in digital vehicle inspections, this article is for you. At NS Diesel & Automotive, we can explain what you want to know about digital vehicle inspections.

“Can I receive digital vehicle inspections near me in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia?”

You definitely can. At NS Diesel & Automotive, we’re happy to offer digital vehicle inspections in the Cole Harbour area of Nova Scotia. But how does this new form of vehicle inspection differ from the old ways, and what are the benefits?

What are digital vehicle inspections?

A digital vehicle inspection, or DVI, involves using a tablet device to record the findings of a vehicle inspection. We use this system of inspection at NS Diesel & Automotive because it offers our technicians a convenient way to record their findings. Our technicians enter the results of their inspection into our shop management system, and this makes it easy to share those findings with each other as technicians and with our clients.

DVIs provide several benefits over the old paper inspections. You have to learn a lot to become a successful auto mechanic, but you don’t have to take a penmanship course. Illegible handwriting has long been the curse of mechanics. Not being able to read somebody’s handwriting was a big problem, as were entire sections getting overlooked and an overall lack of standardization.

These issues may seem trivial, but they can cause major problems. With a standardized digital inspection process, we inspect vehicles more efficiently than before. We’ve also found that our clients generally prefer DVIs, and the detail that accompanies the reports.

How does a digital vehicle inspection work?

During a DVI, our technicians take photographs and notes which are saved in the software. Afterward, we can easily send these to clients to show the status of their vehicle and the areas requiring attention. Our DVI software makes sharing information a breeze, so it’s easy for everybody to be on the same page.

After we go over the results of a DVI with a client, we discuss any next steps to take. Our findings will reveal what repair, if any, a client’s vehicle needs. Our technicians can also suggest any routine maintenance to keep a client’s vehicle in good condition.

Our technicians might suggest you change your tires or switch the brand of engine oil you use. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a DVI is peace of mind. If we find nothing wrong at all, or a small issue that’s easily fixed, you can relax and enjoy your drive home with the knowledge that there’s not a big, expensive problem coming your way.

NS Diesel & Automotive offers digital vehicle inspections in Cole Harbour, NS.

If you’re in the Cole Harbour area of Nova Scotia, there’s no need to keep searching for a DVI. Just come to NS Diesel & Automotive. We can perform a DVI on your vehicle. We also offer wheel alignments, brake repair, tire rotation, and numerous other services.

To book an appointment for a DVI at our Cole Harbour shop, please click here. To learn more about DVIs, or our other services and products, please contact us via our website, or call us at 902-446-0449

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