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Car Steering & Suspension Repair in Bedford, NS

Car suspension repair is an important service. Any driver who has experienced an excessive bumpy ride or problems steering their vehicle can tell you how important the suspension is. That’s why we at NS Diesel & Automotive offer a range of suspension and steering wheel repairs.

Suspension repair and maintenance is important for your car beyond the reason of simply giving you a smoother and more enjoyable drive. A malfunctioning or underperforming suspension can reduce the tread life of your tires, damage your struts, shock absorbers, and axles, and it can even be a safety issue if it affects your steering.

What does your car’s suspension do?

Your vehicle’s suspension system connects your wheels to the body of the vehicle. This connection is comprised of a system of linkages, springs, and shock absorbers. The suspension is what allows for relative motion between the wheels and the rest of the vehicle.

When your suspension is functioning properly, your commutes and road trips should be smooth and easy. With a compromised suspension, you can feel every tiny bump in the road and you might struggle to steer your vehicle straight, even with power steering.

What are symptoms of a bad suspension?

Suspensions absorb every pothole, bump, and jostle. Over time, the damage from these bumps and bruisesadds up and can cause different components within your vehicle to become misaligned. One big collision will damage the suspension, as well.

Even without any collisions, though, suspensions go through a lot. That’s why we at NS Diesel offer suspension maintenance, suspension repair, and suspension realignment services. Our technicians will inspect everything, including ball joints, shocks, and linkages.

We will replace any component we find that is damaged, and we pay special attention to suspension struts. These struts absorb impacts, just like shock absorbers, but they also support the chassis, so they are a common stress point.

What does a car suspension repair cost?

Each suspension repair or maintenance needs its own personalized cost estimate because one suspension repair can differ greatly from the next. Some suspension repairs are fast and simple, but not all parts are easy to access and replace.

To avoid more expensive suspension repairs, you should always bring your vehicle in for suspension inspection as soon as you detect problems. The same rule applies for all automotive issues. For example, driving for weeks on end with your check engine light on will end up costing you eventually.

If you’ve noticed significantly asymmetrical wear on your tires, then there’s a good chance there’s something wrong with your vehicle’s suspension. Steering problems and bumpy rides are also common suspension problem symptoms.

NS Diesel & Automotive offers car suspension repair in Bedford, NS.

If you’re in the Bedford area of Nova Scotia and are experiencing problems with your suspension or steering, come to NS Diesel & Automotive.We can perform the suspension maintenance or steering wheel repair you need. We also offer tire balancing, tire rotation, tire installation, brake service, wheel alignments, and numerous other services.

To book an appointment for steering wheel or suspension repair at our Bedford shop, please clickhere. To learn more about suspension and steering services, or our other services and products, please contact us via our website, or call us at 902-446-0449.

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