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Welcome to NS Diesel

No shortcuts, no surprises. Find out why NS Diesel is quickly becoming the new standard in automotive service excellence. The garage for enthusiasts and commuters alike. Whether you love your car, or just want to keep it at its best, we’re here to help. We’ve dedicated ourselves to the highest standards in our work, and are committed in delivering the best possible customer experience a shop can offer.

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Our Customer Reviews

Very good and Upfront about the work needed for servicing my vehicle. They also took the time to explain the work order and make recommendations. Great place.

A S Nov 11, 2023

I had a super experience from start to finish with NS Diesel. When I phoned to see if they could install control arms that we had ordered ourselves, they said no problem. They checked to see if they could source the hardware (bolts etc) from Lexus and I received a call back within an hour. Work went smoothly, everything completed on time, and answered all of my questions. Felt like a valued customer and it was my first time there. Will definitely go back.

Kelly Amirault Nov 11, 2023

Great service. Customer service is wonderful. They were very quick, efficient and thorough. Definitely recommend this business to everyone I know.

Sammy-Jo Skipper Nov 11, 2023

Very professional and trustworthy.

Lorne Roberts Jun 6, 2023

Great service. Staff are professional and communication was very good with booking my car. They were thorough with their inspection of my car and I feel confident that they addressed the issues. Highly recommend this business.

Brenda Cote Nov 11, 2023

These guys are extremely professional and good at what they do. Was very impressed with the service and will definitely be back for more work on my truck.

Ryan Jordan Jan 1, 2023

Update a year later - still having great experience for both my diesel truck and German car. I would still recommend this shop. Had a number of repairs this year as one does from a 7 yr old diesel truck, especially as one does from emissions systems the year the warranty ends. They did the correct repairs for the problems each time and had my truck operating optimally and back on the road as soon as possible. Thank you! __________ Great service at relatively reasonable costs, I've found my go-to repair shop in the HRM for my truck and my spouse's car. I first came for issues with my diesel truck, a specific repair that tends to either be an expensive one or a prohibitively expensive one, depending on the state of the engine component involved - in writing the tech described step by step how they tested the problem (and luckily it was the lesser expensive). Clearly the business has invested in the tools and computer eqpt that is often brand-specific these days. It was my previous life experience that some service centres just prefer to replace a whole module than seeing if only a part can be fixed. Sometimes with diesel trucks and European cars one believes they're trapped doing repairs at a dealership, but in the HRM you are not trapped, go to NS Diesel. Coincidentally I was looking for a place to repair a wear-and-tear issue on my spouse's German car, and what came up was NS Diesel of all places as a place for specific expertise! And awesome experience it was too. They said they work on all brands, not just German. Highly recommended.

Jon Aikens May 5, 2022

Steve and the boys at NS diesel always take great care of our cars. Professional service and great pricing. They offer a wide range of services including alignments which is not always easy to find at local shops. I trust their expertise and experience as they are constantly busy with a full parking lot of clients getting work done on their vehicles. I work in the area and never see the shop slow. I appreciate how friendly the staff are and how they go the extra mile to make sure we’re satisfied with the service. Highly recommend NS diesel to anyone regardless of make or model. These guys know their stuff and will always make sure your car is in tip top shape.

Patrick Thomas Oct 10, 2023

Awesome place they know what they are doing staff is all great deffinatly my new go to for my truck

anthony ettinger Jul 7, 2023

Excellent service. Great staff. Pleasure to do business with NS Diesel. Have recommended them a number of times.

greg harris Sep 9, 2023

Fast, Friendly, Responsive. The work was done well and the follow up was professional. We will be taking more vehicles to this supplier.

Sealand Building Group Sep 9, 2023

NS Diesel is the only mechanic I use for my F350 7.3L Powerstroke. They are 2 hrs away from me but getting my truck there and back is worth any headache I'd incur going elsewhere. I know this from experience. Recently my truck wouldn't start while throwing up "water in fuel" lights on the dash. I drained the water separator but still nothing. Off to NS Diesel it went. Turns out it was the IPR valve. At my request the shop always keeps my vehicle a few extra days and uses it to confirm things work okay. Not a usual request I realize but they still do it. The very next day after getting the truck back, the exact same thing happened. "Water in Fuel." I called NS Diesel and they instructed me to get it into them ASAP to look it over. It turned out the IPR valve they'd just replaced was defective. They immediately went to their parts vendor, the vendor covered not only the obvious additional labor and part, but they covered the cost of my 2 hr tow. A 1 ton truck towed from my place to NS Diesel is $500 after tax. The entire time this was occurring, NS Diesel would tell me, "we just want you to be happy." This experience was a great reminder of why they're my sole diesel mechanic.

D L Sep 9, 2023

These guys are great! They know what they’re doing! They aligned my RV and diagnosed issues that would have been big safety problems. My vehicle drove better than ever! I highly recommend them!

Lois Wells Sep 9, 2023

I was very pleased with my first appointment. Friendly guys and the price was right. I will be back……thanks

Andrea Rushton Sep 9, 2023

Great experience with this shop. Had an alignment performed on Jayco Motorhome, they were able to show with photos from tablets what exactly the problem was and repaired it within the estimate provided upon booking the appointment. They also have a courtesy vehicle for those who don’t have time to wait :). Customer service was great, friendly, and awesome coffee!

John Pocock Sep 9, 2023

Great use of the loaner car. Even when running behind they are honest and dont try and snow you. Honesty is always thier policy and I really value that. We just returned from a RV trip accross this great country and it was a great success in part due to the great set up on the truck before we set out. Post trip inspection found some issues so now I can plan and budget and plan for the repairs. Great work helping me keep this truck healthy. Neal

Neal Hatch Sep 9, 2023

Have been taking my fleet vehicles here for a few years now - couldn't be happier with their service. Very trustworthy and honest. Detailed reports with pictures are fantastic.

Matt McGrath Aug 8, 2023

We are on vacation with our motorhome. Needed to get an oil change so had booked an appointment with NS Diesel. Took it there and they we great to deal with. Motorhome was in and out in less time than they said and they the power steering and AC belt was starting to fray. Booked it back and they go the belt and we got it changed out in the time promised and we are back on the road and all is running great. These guys did a great job and provided great service. I would recommend NS Diesel to everyone the Halifax area or when traveling there. Thanks you.

Rick Antony Aug 8, 2023

Brent and Steve are excellent and professional to deal with. I had two turbo assemblies replaced and air conditioning fixed and the work was done well with no issues.

Wentzell Engineering Aug 8, 2023

Great proffesional service at an amazing price. Will definitely drop by again

Mahmoud Ahrari Aug 8, 2023

Good service, had to wait 2.5 weeks to get in, but treated well when we got in.

Tim Gerrard Jan 1, 2023

I have been in and out of a lot of shops with our work trucks. Hino’s seem to be finicky. N.S. Diesel and automotive went above and beyond the a.c. And tightened some loose clamps etc on the turbo. More than that they went to the fullest extent with the ac unit and I know my guys are appreciating the cool temps inside the cab! Will 100 percent use them again

Mike Terauds Jul 7, 2023

Wonderful service, was able to get 2 new tires and installed within a few hours. Life savers!

Sherri Moody Jul 7, 2023

Guys are knowledgeable, as expected the work can get expensive. Willing to squeeze you in when they have time.

Jennifer Lee Jul 7, 2023

First time customer at NS Diesel. My service and feedback concerning my vehicle was excellent. Very professional so no hesitation to continue going there for my vehicle service.

Peter Zwicker Jul 7, 2023

Great service and very accommodating to the customers needs.

Guy Pierce Jun 6, 2023

Been going to them for years. Great staff, friendly and accommodating. They have always provided great service at a reasonable price. They always ask before the do anything and are honest about what absolutely needs to be done and what can wait. They fix the problem part, they don't automatically replace the entire system like other places I have taken my car to.

Pierre Gareau Jun 6, 2023

Took quite a long time to get looked at but it was to be expected. Gave me a thorough inspection, fixed my situation, very nice people.

Lauren Young Jun 6, 2023

3rd vehicle I have brought to them for inspection. Great service, amazing attitude and so helpful. They have become my go to shop.

Tim F May 5, 2023

Have used them a number of times before and just used them again yesterday. Won’t use anybody else any more. They will have all my vehicles being there when needing service. J. Kerr

Lake Echo Apartment May 5, 2023

Took my RV Trailer for MVI, service on electric brakes and tire issue. Kept me updated on their progress via email and text (you have the option to select how you want to be notified). Overall happy with the service, professional and knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone for trailer and automotive service.

Shaun L May 5, 2023

I am thoroughly impressed with this shop. From the moment I arrived to check out time I felt welcomed by this professional group of individuals. Quality work, on time, on budget, what more could you ask for.

Deb Anderson May 5, 2023

Truck runs great good guys

Marcus Chaisson May 5, 2023

Highly knowledgeable team at N.S. Diesel. Ran into a couple curveballs with repairs, beyond the control of the team, but they were able to have solutions and remedy. Thank you again

David Seguin Apr 4, 2023

Had the PCV Valve unit replaced and found this company to be very good with getting my car in and repaired on a timely fashion. Would totally recommend this group of professionals to all those folks out there with a Mercedes or I am sure any other brand that needs repairs done right. I have worked in the auto industry for over 42 years and can tell you these are the right group of professionals to repair your car right the first time around. Thanks to each and everyone on the team!!

Kevin Ashley Apr 4, 2023

Steve and his team are very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. Great service all around!

Matthew McAllister Apr 4, 2023

Great, honest and clear communication from Brent. Would certainly come back. Not often I review anything but they went above and beyond to address my issue. True professionals.

Christopher Stoecker Apr 4, 2023

Efficient and professional. Service Rep Brent is knowledgeable and very helpful. I am pretty happy and definitely recommend NS Diesel & Auto.

Jimmy W. Ma Apr 4, 2023
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